Buda supports my art

I am delighted to let you know the wonderful historic Buda at Castlemaine is now stocking my art works. Thank you to Viv and the team for this support, I appreciate it. Buda Castlemaine . https://budacastlemaine.org

Tawny Chick Rescue

This evening Bill wondered what our dog was looking at and upon investigation he found one of this years Tawny Frogmouth’s chick on the ground. It was clearly too young to fly back up to its mumma or poppa so we phoned Wildlife Rescue. While waiting we decided to put the chick into a boxContinue reading “Tawny Chick Rescue”

Doing it hard

Living in Central Victoria gives me the opportunity to enjoy an amazing array of birdlife.Last year our home was home to a family of Tawny Frogmouths for a time until the poor young ones died.Yesterday our home was paid a quick visit by another pair (may be the same?). They were not fazed by myContinue reading “Doing it hard”