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10th Anniversary Bendigo Runway Fashion Festival   Here are my garments modelled elegantly by a great team! Thank you to the City of Greater Bendigo for giving me this chance to feature in this fashion … Continue reading

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Sneak peak before you visit

Some of the images in my current exhibition as a member of the 3AMPs in Bendigo Post Office gallery space.

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Kangaroo Island holiday Sept. 2016

We have been so busy lately that I have not had a chance to share one of the amazing things that we were privileged to witness while on Kangaroo Island. … Continue reading

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My work is for sale at the Bendigo Visitor Information centre

I am delighted to announce that my hand coloured photograms have been accepted for sale in the Bendigo Visitor’s centre. Each piece is individually hand coloured using pastels and other … Continue reading

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How to make your own Fabric Swatch Books

What a simple and great idea! I realise I need to do this as well and want to start while my collection is small….. I have been wanting to catalogue … Continue reading

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Don’t want to sound pompous about the value of my art so

….in this article she says it all…

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Starting To Look Like Home

Home: Defined by some as where the heart is. Home, for me is where my garden is, with emphasis on the my. Imagined, created, planted and tended by me, that … Continue reading

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Probably the most photographed person on Kangaroo Island with wild birds

THE PELICAN MAN OF KINGSCOTE, KANGAROO ISLAND. John Ayliffe presents an entertaining and informative talk about the resident pelicans at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. For a paltry $5 to cover the … Continue reading

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Birdlife photography

Ever since having major problems with my shoulder late last year I have had to be very careful when photographing anything, particularly one of my main loves-wildlife.To the point I … Continue reading

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Professional Photographer Analogy

The difference between a hobby photographer and a professional photographer can be compared to the difference between someone who can change a tap washer and a plumber who can fix … Continue reading

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Central Victorians Remember 2015

For several years photographic artist Sharon Greenaway with her husband Bill Greenaway travelled the countryside recording WW1 War Memorials as photographs. During this time they met many interesting people at … Continue reading

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