Handmade miniature art featuring the Bendigo bush and home


The video is from my Instagram feed showing current work in progress

Handmade framing for my miniature photographic art.

Wildflower hunting before the rain

We have had a lull in the wet weather here in Bendigo so it was a good time to get out and see what wildflowers have survived the deluge.

Bill and I were happy to see more flowers out along with the ones we discovered 3 weeks ago. Some were weather beaten or eaten as shown here:

While others are thriving in the spring weather:


Tiny floral art scale

A friend suggested I put a coin against my art works to give scale…I should have thought that myself!

Well here are two beautiful mini vases from Lyn at #thestudiohandmade with dried Australian wildflowers mixed with non native flora.

Tiny floral art

From the huge photographic cotton banners that I have hanging in #KineticKennington through to miniature floral arrangements, I love creating art inspired by our native wildflowers.

When I requested a friend to make me some miniature ceramic pots I was gobsmacked at the selection Lyn from #thestudiohandmade created.

They are stunning, here is one piece I have added dried wildflowers to for a forthcoming exhibition.

A miniature vase (2-3 cm high) holds orange correa and foliage. The orange correa is from my garden and all pieces have been dried in silica crystals.

Kinetic Kennington Exhibition Winter 2022

Sharon took great delight as well as many hours of work to create these cotton banners for the outdoor exhibition at Kennington Reservoir, Bendigo Victoria.
Each banner features photographs montaged into designs of local floral wildflowers from the region, with each banner having its own theme: Golden Yellow, Red/Green, Pastels, Cream and Plop!.
The exhibition was organised by #thecityofgreaterbendigo #creativecommunities and #explorebendigo.
Five artists were selected from a number of applicants to create works for this unique “Art that Moves” exhibition.

Sharon and Bill Greenaway’s view from a walk around Kennington Reservoir, Bendigo.
August 2022.
Featuring Kinetic Kennington Artists and wildlife.

Kinetic Kennington

I am thrilled to be part of this pop up outdoor exhibition in Bendigo for the month of August 2022.

Two of the five banners celebrating our lovely wildflowers of Bendigo and surrounding areas.

Art that moves is the underlying theme to this free exhibition.

My works hang in the trees, flowing in the wind, mimicking the native wildflowers natural movements.

Each of the five banners feature different flora from our local area.

Bendigo or Fairy wax, greenhood orchid, rosy heath myrtle, milkmaids, early nancy rice flowers, hakea decurrens and pimelea daisy are a few to see amongst the large artworks.

Here is the link to the City of Greater Bendigo media release for further information. https://www.bendigo.vic.gov.au/About/Media-Releases/kennington-reservoir-celebrates-art-moves-during-august


Summer Gold will be going to a its new home in the Yarra Valley.

So heartening to know others appreciate my art.

Summer Gold (top) before it heads off to its new home in the Yarra Valley.

As well as ‘Embracing our Wildflowers’ I have been asked to add a new photographic art piece to the winter exhibition at the Market Building Winter show, Castlemaine, Victoria.

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