SPACE 2021

Group Exhibition at Dudley House Bendigo, October 2021.

I had the pleasure of working with four other artists over a period of two years in order to get our exhibition SPACE up and on show.

(The Dudley House exhibition grant we received was sponsored by The City of Greater Bendigo.)

Together with Lorraine Brigdale, Maree Tonkin, Lauren Starr and Maggie MacCathie we met as often as Covid regulations allowed in order to discuss and organise our show, and share what each artist were exploring about what SPACE meant to them.

Here is my Artist Statement and images of my works.


In September 2020 I was diagnosed with a blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.

So while the rest of the world was dealing with Covid19 living, I had this added fear to deal with.

I remember going into my studio, a space where I had always felt safe and secure, looking around and wondering ‘why bother?’

A few weeks later I received requests for my art works from separate places and it gave me the proverbial kick up the backside to get going again.

The works I have been creating for the group SPACE exhibition have been made either when I feel I am in a safe physical and/or emotional space. The act of creating is also a safe space to be in.

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