Tawny Chick Rescue


This evening Bill wondered what our dog was looking at and upon investigation he found one of this years Tawny Frogmouth’s chick on the ground. It was clearly too young to fly back up to its mumma or poppa so we phoned Wildlife Rescue.

While waiting we decided to put the chick into a box so it would keep warm in the cold of the evening and this was when Bill got swooped by the female! While she and her mate would feed and keep an eye on their chic there are too many stray cats and dogs around here to ensure its long term safety.

About half an hour late, just on sunset, Erin, a member of this voluntary organisation turned up and took  away the little guy/girl. She has another one at the centre and so the two will be looked after together.

When we gave her some money to help with her work she was amazed as it was her first ever donation she had received! I was in turn was surprised as I knew this organisation does rely on donations and the good will of others in order to help our wildlife.


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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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