BUDA Historical Home supporting my work. 29th November 2022.

As well as a variety of textile art works, I now have miniature pieces for sale. Today I delivered this beautiful dome artwork to BUDA. A definite one only unique work featuring our local native flora. Exclusively for sale at BUDA. https://budacastlemaine.org/

Wildflower hunting before the rain

We have had a lull in the wet weather here in Bendigo so it was a good time to get out and see what wildflowers have survived the deluge. Bill and I were happy to see more flowers out along with the ones we discovered 3 weeks ago. Some were weather beaten or eaten asContinue reading “Wildflower hunting before the rain”

Tiny floral art scale

A friend suggested I put a coin against my art works to give scale…I should have thought that myself! Well here are two beautiful mini vases from Lyn at #thestudiohandmade with dried Australian wildflowers mixed with non native flora.

Tiny floral art

From the huge photographic cotton banners that I have hanging in #KineticKennington through to miniature floral arrangements, I love creating art inspired by our native wildflowers. When I requested a friend to make me some miniature ceramic pots I was gobsmacked at the selection Lyn from #thestudiohandmade created. They are stunning, here is one pieceContinue reading “Tiny floral art”


Summer Gold will be going to a its new home in the Yarra Valley. So heartening to know others appreciate my art. As well as ‘Embracing our Wildflowers’ I have been asked to add a new photographic art piece to the winter exhibition at the Market Building Winter show, Castlemaine, Victoria.