Wool scarf idea in 2015, made 2023!

I am delighted with my first wool scarf that I sewed over the weekend using the wool challis printed for me by @parlourprinting. I created the design from my own photography of pincushion hakeas and bottlebrush from my garden as well as a waratah from a bouquet from my son. It is lovely and softContinue reading “Wool scarf idea in 2015, made 2023!”

Wool Native Floral Design YAY!

I began to print my photographs onto fabric in 2015. Since then I have researched fabric quite a bit and now prefer to use natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk. With the fabric I have created various art pieces ranging from cushions to gorgeous wall hangings, ephemeral installation works and wearable art piecesContinue reading “Wool Native Floral Design YAY!”

EUROPEAN AUSTRALIAN EXHIBITION Buda Historic home, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. 2023

sharongreenawayart Today was bump in day for my works for the Buda historic home in Castlemaine.The festival coincides with the Castlemaine State Festival and is entitled:A European Australian Connection, commencing 24 March to 30 April 2023.There are four other artists involved in this exploration of the juxtaposition of the two heritages.42 Hunter St, Castlemaine.#budacastlemaine #sharongreenawayartContinue reading “EUROPEAN AUSTRALIAN EXHIBITION Buda Historic home, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. 2023”

RONE Flinders Street Station Melbourne

Last Friday, I was fortunate to visit this amazing exhibition with almost-lifelongfriends and my husband. Bill and I had seen the exhibition that RONE had put on in Geelong two years ago, and we were looking forward to his new show. We were not disappointed! It is an amazing achievement, so detailed and so muchContinue reading “RONE Flinders Street Station Melbourne”