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My Goldfields Wearable Art

June 15, 2018 · 2 Comments

Bendigo Made has relaunched has had a facelift with a new look and fantastic new offer for local artisans. I joined yesterday and am very happy with how my site looks and performs. … Continue reading

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Inglewood Lions club Community Day 2016

We popped over to see what this Community day was all about. Vintage cars, motorbikes, people, food, bands, choir and more. We were present when a plaque commemorating Sir Reg … Continue reading

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Central Victorians Remember 2015

For several years photographic artist Sharon Greenaway with her husband Bill Greenaway travelled the countryside recording WW1 War Memorials as photographs. During this time they met many interesting people at … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

At long last I have found a place to hang this image from ‘Eppalock on a Sunday’ (2009). It fits into our guest bedroom nicely.

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Speaking at Bendigo Probus Wednesday 24 th June

Bill and I will be speaking at Bendigo Probus on the topic of our World War 1 Memorial Photographic exhibition. The talk will include images that weren’t in the original … Continue reading

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50 mm lens

I am enjoying using my 50 mm lens. It helps me rethink my images and physically move rather than relying on a lens to do the work for me. Of … Continue reading

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More pics from Colour is Life opening

Many thanks to Elina Brutska for supplying these pics and allowing me to put them onto my website. Elina is also one of the participants in the exhibition.

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City of Greater Bendigo Central Victorians Remember: WW1 Memorial Photographic Exhibition

City of Greater Bendigo Central Victorians Remember: WW1 Memorial Photographic Exhibition.

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Up for Discussion: Learning on Online

Do you do online courses? Here is a discussion about the merits.

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