A free arts opportunity…

A free arts opportunity… Another opportunity for artists to get their work out from under the bed/cupboard/off their computers, is the video space at Brunswick Street Gallery. At the moment it is a free opportunity. I have been accepted to show my multimedia piece ‘Noisy Miners’ Bathtime’, which runs for just over 2 minutes, atContinue reading “A free arts opportunity…”

A Caravan in A Cafe!

A Caravan in a Cafe! (C) 2011 Sharon Greenaway. The Caravan… Where would you never expect to find a caravan? What’s that I hear you say, inside a cafe? Well think again, ‘cos T’Hooft cafe in Bendigo has a full sized circa 1960’s caravan inside the front door. Coffee and drinks are prepared and servedContinue reading “A Caravan in A Cafe!”