Greater Bendigo Climate Summit Art piece

We need to protect our natural environment.

The uniqueness and strength of the local bush is, I believe, a joy to share with others. If left undisturbed, it will continue to thrive and be around for our children and our children’s children.

This underlying concept is what motivates me to create my art.

Kinetic Kennington

I am thrilled to be part of this pop up outdoor exhibition in Bendigo for the month of August 2022. Art that moves is the underlying theme to this free exhibition. My works hang in the trees, flowing in the wind, mimicking the native wildflowers natural movements. Each of the five banners feature different floraContinue reading “Kinetic Kennington”


Summer Gold will be going to a its new home in the Yarra Valley. So heartening to know others appreciate my art. As well as ‘Embracing our Wildflowers’ I have been asked to add a new photographic art piece to the winter exhibition at the Market Building Winter show, Castlemaine, Victoria.