Birthday celebration (c) 2022 Sharon Greenaway.

Birthday A day to hold his best friend’s hand crawling in the giant hamster wheel, Never stopping until Cheese! Granny wants a picture. Run away Laughing They climb the winding stairs Screaming they whiz down Mulga Bill’s slide. Mum, Dad and Bubs are busy too, Cuddles for Grandparents, Aunties, Cousins Chitchat with friends Setting outContinue reading “Birthday celebration (c) 2022 Sharon Greenaway.”

Tawny Frogmouth Family 2013 Junortoun Victoria

These lovely birds are quite tolerant of me and my camera, although I do not annoy them much. Fine art prints are available from me for purchase for all nature lovers

Matheson’s a real family business

Matheson’s Barber Shop in Lyttleton Terrace is a genuine family business, with patriarch Gerald Matheson apprenticing firstly son Rob and later Glen into the men’s hairdressing business. Rob’s daughter Rel got her qualification as a men’s and women’s hairdresser, (the first one who is able to do both men and women,) and is the thirdContinue reading “Matheson’s a real family business”