Mologa & Mitiamo War Memorials

9th February 2022.

Bill & Sharon Greenaway

Battling relentless flies and bloody awful heat we visited a hay bale War Memorial on the Durham Ox and Bendigo -Pyramid Hill Road. This tribute was first erected in 2019 and we were pleased to see that it still stands now.

Mologa Ww1 tribute, (C)2022 Bill Greenaway

From here we then re visited the solitary Memorial in the former township of Mologa, where those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who served in WW1 are remembered today.

It is an eery site as the only thing left of the actual township is a commemorative plaque and the decaying remains of the school.

From here Bill and I drove to Pyramid Hill to have our picnic lunch under the shade of a tree at the local park and then headed to revisit the Mitiamo WW1 Memorial Corner.

These images are in addition to our Exhibition images which are now on permanent display at the Bendigo RSL Museum, Pall Mall, Bendigo.

Should you wish to have copies of these, please contact Bill or myself.

Images are subject to Copyright Bill and Sharon Greenaway 2022.

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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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