Writing your life, get started now

Apologies for the late reporting of my class that I taught as part of the Write on The Fringe festival. I had set a limited number of places for this class as it needed to be intimate in order for people to feel free to open up. We had 11 places booked with nine participantsContinue reading “Writing your life, get started now”

Children’s book reviews

I have just written the last of my children’s book reviews for Magpies.  I have been honoured to work for this magazine for many years, both as a reviewer and writer but now feel I should concentrate more on my OWN art – both visual and written. Reading and writing about children’s literature is a wonderful privilege,Continue reading “Children’s book reviews”

Revisiting some much loved work

Whilst working on submissions for a new readers series I came across my story The Terrigan Terrors. It is a story about acceptance and netball and was published in an anthology of work for children called Grow Under the Southern Cross. I thought I would google the book to see if it is still available andContinue reading “Revisiting some much loved work”

Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort.

Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort. This was inspired I think after reviewing three books for the next issue of Magpies Magazine. My creative writing juices are flowing! I have the first draft to a new story, printed and put into a folder in order to review itContinue reading “Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort.”

Writing Tip #…..

How many of you have been lying in bed thinking about a new story idea and have not done anything about it? Or how many, like I did this morning, finally dragged yourself out of a warm comfy bed, and turned on the computer in order to write down your thoughts? And how many ofContinue reading “Writing Tip #…..”

Writers on Bimblebox 153 Birds

Writers on Bimblebox 153 Birds. This project is to highlight a wildlife sanctuary that is in danger in Queensland. I was asked to contribute a written piece on the Tawny Frogmouth. I then recorded myself reading the piece which will become part of this multi-skilled exhibition. It was so good being able to help inContinue reading “Writers on Bimblebox 153 Birds”

Sorting out filing system leads to a fortunate surprise.

Today I decided to sort out my filing cabinet and throw out an enormous pile of not-needed documents pertaining to my writing from years ago. What I didn’t realise was what a surprising job it was going to be! I have rediscovered stories I had forgotten about (some not half bad); writing tips that IContinue reading “Sorting out filing system leads to a fortunate surprise.”