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Writing your life, get started now

Apologies for the late reporting of my class that I taught as part of the Write on The Fringe festival. I had set a limited number of places for this … Continue reading

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Children’s book reviews

I have just written the last of my children’s book reviews for Magpies.  I have been honoured to work for this magazine for many years, both as a reviewer and writer … Continue reading

April 8, 2016 · 1 Comment

Revisiting some much loved work

Whilst working on submissions for a new readers series I came across my story The Terrigan Terrors. It is a story about acceptance and netball and was published in an anthology … Continue reading

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Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort.

Further to my note of this morning, it was worth making the effort. This was inspired I think after reviewing three books for the next issue of Magpies Magazine. My … Continue reading

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Writing Tip #…..

How many of you have been lying in bed thinking about a new story idea and have not done anything about it? Or how many, like I did this morning, … Continue reading

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Writers on Bimblebox 153 Birds

Writers on Bimblebox 153 Birds. This project is to highlight a wildlife sanctuary that is in danger in Queensland. I was asked to contribute a written piece on the Tawny … Continue reading

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Blogs about Colab participants. If you want to know more about the people involved in this years Colab exhibition where writters and artists work together to create new works, then have a read … Continue reading

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Interesting piece on marketing

How I Built an Email Campaign and Sold More Art Be interested in your thoughts on email marketing for artists et al.

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My newest poem for children has been published in the March 2014 of Countdown School Magazine. Love the accompanying illustrations of busy bees!

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Sorting out filing system leads to a fortunate surprise.

Today I decided to sort out my filing cabinet and throw out an enormous pile of not-needed documents pertaining to my writing from years ago. What I didn’t realise was … Continue reading

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