Writing your life, get started now

Apologies for the late reporting of my class that I taught as part of the Write on The Fringe festival.

I had set a limited number of places for this class as it needed to be intimate in order for people to feel free to open up. We had 11 places booked with nine participants attending which I was pretty pleased with given the class was on during a weekday when many people are working etc.

The class ran for 2 1/2 hours and went really quickly as everyone grasped the chance to both listen to my advice and then jump into the writing exercises. I was pleased that every participant also shared some of their reasons for being there as well as their pieces of writing.

At the end of the class I received positive feedback from a few of the people, with one person, an English teacher, telling me I had given her some great food for thought, things she had never thought of before!

Will hope to be a part of this busy and choc-filled festival again next year!

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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