Tawny Timeline

We were privileged to witness a pair of Tawny Frogmouths for a period of 3 months as they prepared to start a new family. From the first pics taken on the 19th August 2012 to the last ones (27th November 2012) before the family moved on we enjoyed witnessing and listening to these lovely birds.Continue reading “Tawny Timeline”

Feather brained

Some people may already think this, but lately I am going feather brained. What with researching and photographing emus for my new children’s e-book I am also endeavouring to capture images of the local bird population and its young. So far the tawny frogmouths have been very co operative, so have the crested pigeons. RecentlyContinue reading “Feather brained”

Blogging Tips and Tricks by Sharon Greenaway

October Writers Explore – Sharon Greenaway 10th October 2011 The lives of 16 people will be even busier after attendinglast night’s BWC meeting as they beginto blog or revitalize their  existing skills in blogging.  Many weresceptical about its usefulness but Sharon was convincing in her argument towriters that if you want people to read yourContinue reading “Blogging Tips and Tricks by Sharon Greenaway”


“The redevelopment of Bendigo Airport is necessary to continue to support the emergency services including Air Ambulance and Department of Sustainability and Environment Airbase as well as elevate the airport to a regional status in keeping with a City the size and stature of Bendigo,” said Cr Fyffe following the announcement today of the designContinue reading “CITY AWARDS DESIGN TENDERS FOR AIRPORT REDEVELOPMENT”

T’hooft cafe

A Caravan in a Cafe! The Caravan… Where would you never expect to find a caravan? What’s that I hear you say, inside a cafe? Well think again, ‘cos T’Hooft cafe in Bendigo has a full sized circa 1960’s caravan inside the front door. Coffee and drinks are prepared and served here by the friendlyContinue reading “T’hooft cafe”