RONE Flinders Street Station Melbourne

Last Friday, I was fortunate to visit this amazing exhibition with almost-lifelongfriends and my husband. Bill and I had seen the exhibition that RONE had put on in Geelong two years ago, and we were looking forward to his new show. We were not disappointed! It is an amazing achievement, so detailed and so muchContinue reading “RONE Flinders Street Station Melbourne”

First Poncho

First Poncho, just in time for autumn Inspired by my recent trip to the Paris end of Collins Street I finished sewing my dark navy poncho today. Originally the design was to include some of my floral silk fabric. However struggling with how to blend the two fabrics in a pleasing way, I decided toContinue reading “First Poncho”

A4 Contemporary Art show, Melbourne I am delighted to say that my second involvement this year in an exhibition will be opened on Saturday 23rd March. Please see the attached link for more details, I am looking forward to seeing this unique artist gallery in the middle of the yarra river, Melbourne

50 years of Barbie

50 year old Barbie in Melbourne Celebration of Barbie turning 50! During the current Victorian school holidays mothers and daughters and friends along with fathers and daughters (largely) are trouping along in their hundreds (perhaps thousands eventually) to celebrate the turning of 50 for this iconic doll. Read more on