Whipstick is Pure Gold in winter

A little video in motion… https://vimeo.com/351945107?activityReferer=1

Latest Scarf design

With the success of my Art off the Wall venture, where I am taking my photographic art into fabric design and products, thought I best start making a few more items. Here is my Bendigo Wattle design made into a lovely infinity scarf. The fabric is Organic Cotton Knit and the scarf was sewn byContinue reading “Latest Scarf design”

Golden opportunity and a self portrait 151015

Preparing to photograph a genuine gold nugget is for me a once in a lifetime opportunity: I wanted to get it right. So the morning of the shoot I spent several hours experimenting with lighting techniques as well as working out exactly what I wanted to capture. This included my favourite use of black velvetContinue reading “Golden opportunity and a self portrait 151015”

Golden Food Bouquet

This time of the year here in Central Victoria there are many farmlands filled with the Golden fields of Canola. But what of the other food crops with similar tonings? Here in my own piece of the goldfields there are two other food crops gone to flower… Wong Bok and Bok Choi. I could notContinue reading “Golden Food Bouquet”