New artwork created !

New artwork created today!

As many of my creative colleagues know, getting a final piece of work completed can mean hours of slog, not to mention the research and practice that has gone on before.

Today I decided to create a new piece of wearable art in the form of a mixed fabric scarf, using a lovely piece that features our local Yam Daisy and ‘friends’.

Something warm but light for cooler months.

What I thought would be a simple enough exercise has taken me between 4 and 5 hours from the design stage (how am I going to use this silk/cotton piece of fabric?) to the cutting stage (found another piece of fabric, an alpaca blend), pinning, sewing( did not count on the different fabrics slipping rather than staying where pinned) and then finally clipped hard, trimming, overlocking the edges so the alpaca fabric does not unravel, pressing, finally top stitching so it looks good.

Voila! Done!

Well almost, I needed to take some photographs to show off my artwork. Upload it to social media in order to keep interest in my work (glad you stayed with me) and finally enjoy a cuppa or two!

What art did you do or see today?


Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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