The Transient Landscape opens…

On Saturday the 30th April the 3AMPs’exhibition opened to a crowd that filled the exhibition space to capacity.

We had a lovely afternoon listening firstly to Kathryn Mackenzie Bendigo Tourism Manager. She gave a brief history of the background to the glorious building the exhibition is located, (was once the thriving Post Office, now an exhibition space and tourism centre.)

Then Anthony Conway, Ceramics lecturer from La Trobe University discussed each of us artist’s work in detail, also referencing both the theme and the venue. Perhaps the point that struck me most was that while we were exhibiting in a now glorious historic building, when the building was built and first opened in the 1800’s, it was then viewed as a modern building. So the nature of the Transient Landscape was evidenced not only in our work presented in the gallery, but also in the space with which we stood!

I would like to add that I was humbled and delighted at the number of people who came to the launch to support me. A big thank you!

Lastly the support of curator Lauretta Zilles needs to be mentioned. Not only did she skillfully arrange all of our work into a beautifully comprehensive display, but she has given us the benefit of her wisdom while bumping in and even on the day of the opening. A big thank you Lauretta!

Here are some images from the event, photography by Bill Greenaway and Mari Basil (I enjoyed the time off!)

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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