Native flora on cotton. The one with the red background is a new design by me.


Greenaway’s Art Gallery & Museum

Over the last few months I have posted the occasional photograph of my miniature art gallery and museum.

I thought I would put together a simple timeline of how it is coming together.

There will be one gallery space that won’t be filled until close to the exhibition time which will be in October 2021.

The exhibition will be held at Dudley House Bendigo with four other artists more details will come closer to the time.

This still empty space will feature the miniature works of all five Artists.

March 24: Mystery

Such a poignant story

On This Date in Photography: by James Mcardle

Date #24The found photograph presents a mystery that invites the viewer to find a solution, or to give it new meaning.

A friend, photographer Jim McFarlane alerted me to Untitled.Showa which invites you to…

…interact with a collection of old photographs from Japan, found in Australia, to solve a historic puzzle with the view to collectively finding ways to (re)unite the original prints to the people in the photographs, their family, the copyright holder/s or to an appropriate archive, and in real time, participate in the unfolding of a contemporary story.

imageIt’s an engaging game, because all 308 photographs appear to have been taken in Japan between 1930s-60s, but were found in Geelong, Australia, in 2015. None were taken here, and yet a seller had acquired them from a deceased estate. But who was the deceased? The stall-holder at the flea market in Geelong could provide no answers, so it is…

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Sneak peak at how the mini art gallery is progressing

I am working a lot on this gallery as it needs to be ready for a group exhibition in September.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the galleries.

Miniature art 2021

Last year I discovered room boxes and created my first one. I was intrigued with the concept of miniature art and wanted to create more.

It has taken me many months but finally I’m getting back into it, having purchased secondhand a dolls house which while it’s not 1/12th scale I will convert it to be suitable.

Much thanks to Bill Greenaway for taking these images.

In order to create the art gallery I need a blank canvas, a cream colour will allow flexibility.

The right paper and printer makes a difference

The front photo was printed with a Canon PIXMA printer, on semi gloss photo paper. While the other two were printed on 80 GSM office paper using an all in one printer.

Drying delicate native flower buds

Delicate eucalypts blossom dried in flower drying crystals

Earlier this year I began experimenting with drying native flower buds in silica gel (crystals). It can be bought on line under the name of Flower Drying Crystals and is both reasonably priced and reusable.

I began in July/August with my work but have not revisited it since then due to the unwelcome diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma in late September.

Today was the day to revisit this work and I am delighted with how the flowers have remained in shape and colour.

I hope to use these little buds in my miniature art later on.

The blue/purple of the Westringea crassifolia is so true to life you would think it just came off the shrub, not bad seeing it was picked in winter.
You can buy this on line in various weights.
I bought the 500 gm and it is enough for a small quantity of flowers and a good quantity to test out what will dry well.

Australian Flora wearable art for sale (11th January 2021 update)

My wearable art range is available at:

BUDA Castlemaine

WARRAL Honey Maldon

And my works on paper and canvas:

Castlemaine Market building, Historic Market Building, 44 Mostyn Street Castlemaine, Victoria