Bendigo wax flower opens early with gorgeous sundews

Our first sighting of the Bendigo Wax in the wild. Flowering earlier than normal, it was a delight to see. As were the sundews glistening in the sun.

What I did last week on line exhibition

This project coordinated by the arts team at the City of Greater Bendigo is up on line.

As well as having submitted works, my small handmade ‘happy’ piece is featured as the banner.

Love for you to check it out and give feedback


Bill and I are fortunate to be able to walk to the bush for exercise during these isolation times.

Today we took our camera gear with us and spotted prickly wattle, greenhood orchids and a tiny red flower with spiny succulent type leaves.

Thanks to Bill for this candid shot of me enjoying the bush

Dodgems 2020 style

Dodgems 2020 style

Well today Bill and I ventured forth for our grocery shopping.

It was our first time since the required 1.5 metre distance between people had been announced.

I was anxious to be honest.

After a while I found myself skirting around others, some of whom did not seem to be aware or worried about this distance.

One chap, wearing a mask, seemed not to worry about the distance at all as he barged through the required space formed by ourselves and another shopper.

Ironic thought I.

By the time we had ended our shopping expedition I had mentally made a challenge of dodging people, almost saying Brrrm brrrm as I did so, as if I was driving a little dodgem car.

One way to keep oneself amused in these time I guess!

A friend’s bag inspiration

My friend Kerry has a lovely contemporary fold over bag.

It is something I have admired for some time but couldn’t justify buying as I really don’t need a new bag.

However my mind changed last week when we all went had into self isolation and I began to look for more things to do at home.

In my studio I was sorting through my small stock of floral fabric and found a piece of cotton/silk that was too small for a scarf or cushion but too valuable to discard.

Kerry’s fold over bag came to mind and so I accessed youtube for ‘how to’ patterns to make one.

Using two videos from Yoan Sewing Studio as well as a book I have by English bag maker, Debbie Shore, ‘Half Yard Bags and Purses, 2018, Search Press I proceeded to nut out the bag. I wanted a zipper closure at the top and decided to really test myself and added a zipper inside pocket as well as some extra pockets for a phone etc.

As well as my cotton/silk piece I used (from my plain coloured fabric stash) some red cotton fabric for the lining and some gorgeous boiled wool in black to sew onto the small piece of my cotton/silk fabric design.

It ended up taking me over a week, some days working on it for several hours and other days just an hour before dinner.

In the end I am happy with it and look forward to the day when I can wear it out.

View of bag with foldover top
Inside of bag with room for specs, phone etc
Zipper inside pocket

Quarantine box

While we are all minimising our time in stores for shopping, online shopping (so far) is still on.

So what do you do with the parcel when it is dropped at your door?

We have established a plastic cube box as our ‘quarantine box’ just in case.

We are picking up the delivery from our front door, using a tissue or similar and placing the parcel in this box.

The box is stored in a spare room and we note in our diary when we received it.

We won’t touch it now for at least 48 hours…

You may think this is being over cautious, but for us it is an added peace of mind.

What are your quarantine ideas?