Summer Gold will be going to a its new home in the Yarra Valley.

So heartening to know others appreciate my art.

Summer Gold (top) before it heads off to its new home in the Yarra Valley.

As well as ‘Embracing our Wildflowers’ I have been asked to add a new photographic art piece to the winter exhibition at the Market Building Winter show, Castlemaine, Victoria.

Winter in the Loddon Mallee bush

I love this time of year when the wildflowers are gathering strength to show off their beauty.

The Bendigo/Fairy wax is flowering and yet it is the sundews that took my eye on our recent bush walk.

The creeping sundew is an intriguing plant and this patch was lovely in the winter light.

Winter 2022

Self portrait reminds me of…

The importance of lighting to get the look you are after.

Sharon creates works of art using her macro photography of local wildflowers as a base

Two night trip to Benalla

We had to go to Benalla on Monday so decided to stay over for two nights.

There is quite a bit of art to see there. My favourite place was the Winton Wetlands. Here are some pics.

Parts of the Winton Wetlands reminded Bill and I of our journey at the bottom of Lake Eppalock when it was nearly bone dry.

Here is a link for more information about this wonderful place

Tiny Towns Art Trail 2022 ANZAC DAY

After getting up for the 6 o’clock remembrance at our front gate, Bill and I ventured out to the Tiny towns art trail 2022.

As the art trail covered many towns in north central Victoria we weren’t able to see them all but we did get to Tarnagulla Dunolly and Bealiba.

Here are our photos from the day we hope you enjoy them.

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Birthday celebration (c) 2022 Sharon Greenaway.


A day to hold his best friend’s hand

crawling in the giant hamster wheel,

Never stopping until


Granny wants a picture.

Run away


They climb the winding stairs

Screaming they whiz down

Mulga Bill’s slide.

Mum, Dad and Bubs are busy too,

Cuddles for Grandparents,

Aunties, Cousins

Chitchat with friends

Setting out food and drinks…

Time to gather round The candles are alight

Happy Birthday Jamie! Sung with gusto.

With one big breath he blows

Trails of smoke, five in all, float away.

Climate resilience is…

Exhibiting my Climate resilience image for the first time. I am part of the Climate Resilience Is…. Art project, exhibited for the first time this weekend at the Inglewood Town Hall during the three day Women On Farms Gathering. #ClimateResilience #InglewoodTownhall #WomenOnFarmsGathering #Climate #NaturalFlora #AustralianNaturalFlora #Sharongreenawayart #exhibitiondesign#billgreenawayphotos @billgreenaway#visitloddonvalley #loddonvalley #inglewood

Vibrant red shawl goal

I have been wanting to create a vibrant red design to be printed onto fabric for some time.

As I only use my photographs to create work, I had to wait until I had the right images.

Also, as I use modern technology, I have to grit my teeth when it doesn’t co operate!

At last I have been able to create some designs to use, all featuring Australian flowers. (c) 2022 Sharon Greenaway

International Women’s day

My father emigrated to Australia in the 1950s as a ten pound pom.

I could never imagine having to leave my home country for a new start in a strange land, albeit able to speak the same language.

I have utmost admiration for those who have to, whatever their reasons. And especially for the women who need to do this, without speaking the native tongue AND facing the physical challenges that men are spared.

This was one reason for me creating the images for my exhibition in 2015, Colour is Life.

It featured local people who had made Bendigo home, coming from many countries. I wanted to highlight their traditions via costume as well as the beauty of each and every person who emigrates.

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