Puppy POV: This is the Kind of Joyous Footage You Can Expect Out of GoPros Fetch Mount for Dogs

Puppy POV: This is the Kind of Joyous Footage You Can Expect Out of GoPros Fetch Mount for Dogs. I must admit to having my doubts about this latest gadget, but now I can see its potential…

National Trust Community Heritage

National Trust Community Heritage Competition Winner. My story about remembering the old ‘Coles Caf’ in Bendigo and what it meant to a young mum new to town has won the National Trust project called Australia’s Community Heritage. As part of the launch the Trust ran a competition whereby all contributions to the site before SeptemberContinue reading “National Trust Community Heritage”

Would you like chips with that?

A chance encounter at a Bendigo opp shop prompted me to write for ABC Open on its current topic of being new to a place. I hope you enjoy the piece which can be found at: https://open.abc.net.au/projects/500-words-new-in-town-43qc5ze/contributions/would-you-like-chips-with-that-28ts1mo

Piper Street Kyneton is alive & kicking

Bill and I visited Piper Street Kyneton today to check out  the Stockroom (http://www.stockroomkyneton.com) art gallery and were amazed at  how vibrant this street has become. We remembered visiting this area often in our early days of travelling from Melbourne to Bendigo, stopping off at the historic bakery for a break and a place to feedContinue reading “Piper Street Kyneton is alive & kicking”

Bendigo Cinemas Exhibition: Memories of Mum

I am excited to say that a couple of weeks ago I was asked to exhibit at the Bendigo Cinemas in the new coffee lounge art space. This morning Bill and I, together with the help of Ron and Shane, put up the eight A2 sized images in this new space. I’d like to thankContinue reading “Bendigo Cinemas Exhibition: Memories of Mum”