Birdlife photography

Ever since having major problems with my shoulder late last year I have had to be very careful when photographing anything, particularly one of my main loves-wildlife.To the point I sold my main birding lens as it simply was too heavy to lift anymore. So today I was so delighted to be able to photographContinue reading “Birdlife photography”

Family home on 5 acres, close to all facilities. For sale now. So close to vibrant Bendigo

New Chicks on the Block

This year we have had for the first time a young Crow/Raven in our vegie garden and we saw it being fed by its parent. Stayed around for two days before going off to greener pastures. Our Tawny Frogmouths have successfully raised a second chick after the first one fell out of its nest. IfContinue reading “New Chicks on the Block”