Lesser Long eared at last!

Every year this little Lesser Long Eared bat visits our front door area (well I am only guessing it is the same one!) This year is the first time I have been able to photograph him/her without it flying off and wouldn’t you know it, it was on the night of returning from Ballarat afterContinue reading “Lesser Long eared at last!”

The Illuminers All Set to Shine.

Illuminated Environments…The Illuminers’ work is up for all to see. Sharon Greenaway of the Illuminers in front of some of her art work.Image: Bill Greenaway. 2013. Last night was Bump In time for our group as we met with Gary Morris of The Unicorn restaurant in Ballarat. Our group is showing in the fringe festivalContinue reading “The Illuminers All Set to Shine.”

Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2013 Fringe Program: Registration Closing Soon

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB) Fringe Program call for entry to all photographers to participate in this year’s program closes soon. The Fringe Program is an open-entry, city-wide presentation of over 80 shows that hang in a range of diverse spaces including cafes, eateries, hotels, retail stores, accommodation, commercial galleries, and some more unusualContinue reading “Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2013 Fringe Program: Registration Closing Soon”