Greenaway’s Art Gallery & Museum

Over the last few months I have posted the occasional photograph of my miniature art gallery and museum.

I thought I would put together a simple timeline of how it is coming together.

There will be one gallery space that won’t be filled until close to the exhibition time which will be in October 2021.

The exhibition will be held at Dudley House Bendigo with four other artists more details will come closer to the time.

This still empty space will feature the miniature works of all five Artists.

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

2 thoughts on “Greenaway’s Art Gallery & Museum

    1. Thank you James. There is more artwork I need to create later on, but at least the structure is something I am very pleased with as it is what I had in my mind’s eye. Would you consider creating a miniature piece to exhibit in the gallery? Either 2 d or 3 d. If so pls msg me or email me and we can discuss


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