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Mannequin torso making

If you are like me and enjoy the challenge of making something new you will understand my desire to create a torso to display my fabric art for installations etc.

Yesterday my hubby assisted me in making an upper torso using plaster of paris bandages. I didn’t think I would need assistance but am so glad he offered as the bandages do begin to set quite quickly. We ended up using 3 1/2 packs of bandages which meant what I thought would be a cost effective exercise wasn’t as much as I had hoped for (each pack costs around $9).

The model was my ever faithful Genevieve who kept still for the entire process ( a lot easier than if I had done it) and didn’t mind a little mess during the process but was easy to clean up.

Here is a quick stop motion video for you to see the process and end result which I am pleased with.


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