Illumine… by Sharon Greenaway (me!) on now at Brunswick Street Gallery


On now at Brunswick Street Gallery until 5th July as part of the group Photography Show.

Illumine…is an eclectic mix of images which are sourced from three other series of mine. The common theme is that they have all been produced when the designing and playing with light and colour or the simple appreciation of all that light mixed with colour in nature can achieve, is captured with the photographic process.
Several of the pieces (Heirlooms Green Vase, Mums Aprons, Nanna’s Tea set and Woman of the 1950s, Hippie Chic 1, Vignettes: Gloves) are from the series Imagining Mum: an homage to mothers. These images have all been created by painting with light, using a mix of ambient light, artificial light painting ‘brushes’ such as torches, fibre optic lamps as well the conventional studio lighting equipment). This technique nearly always produces pleasingly unexpected results.
Similarly Seeds of life 1 was created using this technique. This image is from a new series that is developing into a metaphor of my own life.
Harcourt Valley Vista comes from a series that showcases the simple beauty of life in Central Victoria. It was created from several images that were stitched together in order to fully showcase the glorious vista that was on offer one autumn day.

Sharon Greenaway 9th June 2012.

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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