Piper Street Kyneton is alive & kicking

Bill and I visited Piper Street Kyneton today to check out  the Stockroom (http://www.stockroomkyneton.com) art gallery and were amazed at  how vibrant this street has become.

We remembered visiting this area often in our early days of travelling from Melbourne to Bendigo, stopping off at the historic bakery for a break and a place to feed and change our baby daughter.

Over the time we noticed the demise of the street and haven’t been back since the resurection has obviously taken place. There are now at least two galleries which include the Stockroom that is located in the old butter factory. As well there were lots of cafes and restaurants, gift shops, florist, antique and even a very modern fruit and vegie store.

And the gallery we went to see? It is funky, stocks vintage and modern ware as well as artisan’s works and exhibitions. There are two interesting water/ice features that my hubby found to be really interesting.

Well worth a detour off the highway or a pleasant 45 minute trip from Bendigo.

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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