My Green Day book review

MyGreen Day. Melanie Walsh. ISBN 9781406330014, (2010)paperback, (thick card) $17.95, Walker Books.
MyGreen Day is a simple step by step introduction to howchildren can not only be environmentally aware but also be proactive in theirchoices.
The book is toldfrom the perspective of a young girl as she goes about her daily routine from breakfastto bedtime choosing ten green things…[she] can do today.
From eating eggsthat have been laid by free range hensto hanging out washing on the line to dry rather than using a tumble-dryer [that is] more energy intensive than any otherhousehold appliance, to making deliciousmuffins for tea with her dad, the steps are simple and with the help ofother family members easily achieved.
Interspersed withthe child’s recount of her day are snippets of information that would be ofinterest to an older child or the parent/guardian who would be reading the bookwith their own child.
The design of thebook is sturdily constructed so that a child can turn the pages many times inorder to check what he/she can do to have a greenday. The choice of bold chunky colours as well as interesting cut out pagesgive the book more interest. I particularly liked the four page spread thatincluded the child’s own cookbook: it gives a sense of ownership of doing theright thing for the environment rather than making the book a didactic read.
Sharon Greenaway.

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