Revisiting Bendigo’s Everyday People.

 Grrr and Shiver me Timbers it’s Pirate Peg. After an hour of entertaining children at a local pre-school by playing games and telling stories about life as a pirate and then finally having the children walk the plank in order to earn a piece of ‘gold’, Pirate Peg was still full of life when IContinue reading “Revisiting Bendigo’s Everyday People.”

Bendigo poet newest book.

Bendigo poet Lorraine Marwood by stlg48, about 1 hour ago | Add a comment | 1 comment More » When Australian’s think of poetry many would probably immediately recall Banjo Patterson’s Clancy of the Overflow or perhaps Dorothea Mackellar’s immortal lines from her poem ‘My Country’- I love a sunburnt country, poets of whom livedContinue reading “Bendigo poet newest book.”

My latest book reviews in Magpies children’s literature magazine

Bindi’s Wildlife Adventures books 1 to 4.(2010)various. Random House. I Spy Mum! (2010) Janeen Brian, ill. Chantal Stewart. New Frontier. You Wish Jellyfish! (2010) Sue Whiting, ill. Lee Krutop, Koala Books.