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Everyone Health and Fitness130811_010474

EVERYONE HEALTH AND FITNESS drive into castlemaine, turn left at traffic lights at post office, gym and pool are at back of post office and next to town hall.- and it is on the corner of the lane, next to the town hall.
Speak with either Joy or Louise.12.00 start, Castlemaine
the local gym is having a fundraiser for the SES
they are doing a ZUMBA dance thing for 2 hours 12.30-2.30
That is Everyone Health and fitness
Littleton Street Castlemaine
23A Lyttleton Street
VIC 3450
Client brief for fundraising and also for updating website that is 4 years old. I liaised with Joy who directed me to take photos of REception, Cardio room, gym floor area,spin bike room,group exercise room(Zumba) pool area, outside views, SES at barbeque, classes upstairs and in water, a specific subject working in the gym – Gary a sportsman shooter. Photos with people and without. There was no conga line – not enough people present and last group of zumba people did not wish to be photographed.
IT IS GOING TO BE VERY DARK where they do the Zumba

advert in paper says sausage sizzle balloons giveaways

so that means – set up and directed shots of
• SES serving sausages –
get tight shots – get in ANY relevant signs
• same but with kids and balloons

• giveaways – whatever they are –

• then upstairs in the gym area – dark – people doing zhumba
be good to direct some set up shots of the SES people with the zhumba people or something

SHARON – said you had an assignment that was ‘client directed’ and
that you MAY BE interested in doing some more shots of the pool and gym
for their website
[to fulfill the assignment] IF you aren’t then don’t worry

and that DOES NOT mean that you photograph me in the pool – thank you very much!!!

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Published on October 13, 2014 at 795 × 1200
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