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Billy and Carmel Watters roadtrip in Morris

Austin Morris Vintage car is owned and maintained by Billy Watters. Billy and Carmel enjoy taking ‘Lizzie’ as she is known out on road trips. They can’t go as far as they used to as other motorists are not all that patient with the old girl’s speed.
Billy likes being able to take out his vintage pride and joy as it allows others to be able to enjoy the classic beauty and style of the car.
The club the couple belong to The Bendigo Classic and Vintage car club (not sure if this is correct title) offers a good way to get out and about en masse and see others with similar interests.
Billy enjoys also collecting other motor memoribilia and Carmel has a lovely collection of crockery. They also have a beautiful collection of huricane lamps (oil lamps) which they use at times when a power blackout occurs.
the images here are taken out the front of their home and in front of the historic Goldmines Hotel in Ironbark, on MArong Road.

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Published on October 13, 2014 at 1200 × 844
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