Local and Inspiring Birthday Treat.

Local and Inspiring Birthday Idea.‘What do you want for your birthday?’ Was the question asked (as usual) by my family coming up to the ‘important occasion.’ As usual I couldn’t think of anything to suggest. Sure more camera gear would be good, (for a keen photographer there is always something we’d like) but then itContinue reading “Local and Inspiring Birthday Treat.”

Eppalock Overflows by stlg48, 3 minutes ago | Add a comment | 0 comments Lake Eppalock spilling over draws a huge crowd Sunday. The sight of the Lake Eppalock spillway overflowing seemed to draw nearly all of Bendigo (and their dogs!) on Sunday as Bendigonians flocked to see this long awaited phenomenon. More »

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Eppalock on a Sunday Exhibition. Since 2006 Photographic Artist Sharon Greenaway and her husband Bill have been spurred on to explore the Lake Eppalock region after finding an old painting (circa 1979) in an Opp. Shop. The painting depicted a vastly different lake to what it is now; a lake that was full of clearContinue reading “Latest news on ourpatch”