Sharon Greenaway

Photographic Artist and Creative Writer

Castlemaine steam rail

Engine driver’s name is Barry Dunn.
Bill and I caught up with this steam train one winters sunday at Castlemaine
I don’t know what it is about a steam train, whether it is the novelty factor, simple nostalgia or I have read too many Agatha Christie novels (who doesn’t love Murder on the Orient Express?)
Whatever the attraction, the other Sunday when we were approaching Castlemaine on our way home from a leisurely drive to Clunes and saw the steam engine travelling on the rail line, we found ourselves compelled to drive to the station in order to see the engine pull in.
We made it with minutes to spare. While the engine was unhooked from the carriages (in order to travel a little further on to be turned around on the turntable) the passengers disembarked. It was a good time for us to climb on board and have a little look around. The carriages have been restored beautifully – I expected Hercule Poirot to turn up at any minute – with different classes. A passenger from the economy class enthused that there was nothing better than travelling in that carriage, where you can fully experience the sound and rhythm of the engine. I must admit to gazing wistfully into the parlour carriage with its bottles of champagne-type beverages.
The Victorian Goldfields Railway links Castlemaine to Maldon by rail every Wednesday and Sunday, as well as some public holidays. As well, there is a Picnic at Muckleford railway station coming up on Saturday September 5th where as well as the steam train rides, there will be vintage cars, antique machinery, live music, a model railway and more.
For more information phone the VGR on 54706658 or email on

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Published on October 13, 2014 at 803 × 1200
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