Australian writing web sites. site for Australian writers.$file/0307-05MarchNetwork2007.pdf You might like to look at this magazine. It is geared toward women living in rural areas, but even if you were not I think you might get a lot out of it.It is published by the Victorian government and is delivered to your home for free.Enjoy!

How I Got the Gig

In this new book from Nasus publishing, I am one of several authors who have shared their tips on how they have got work from writing. To order copies of this book or for more information, see the website: you can order a DVD version at: Check out this review of the book

Books published

My second book about Australian animals, The Amazing Echidna, was published on the web last month. My first e-book with Learning Island was about the kangaroo. You can check this out at the same e-address. Check out Kath and Rob learn how to make their own puppets in time to put on a puppetContinue reading “Books published”

Bendigo Magazine…my favorite stories with the mag.

Check out the web site: Summer 2007/2008 -Feature: ‘a lifetime of memories’; interviews with several long time residents of Bendigo, Victoria on how they see their home town…as living memories of the place they know so well they are a unique source of information. Spring 2007. -‘My car’, an interview with a local carContinue reading “Bendigo Magazine…my favorite stories with the mag.”

Books with Thomson Learniing Australia.

Kath and Rob learn how to make their own puppets in time to put on a puppet show for their school concert. My third book for children. This is my second book for children. It is a story about a boy who has little confidence in his ability as a sportsperson. That is until heContinue reading “Books with Thomson Learniing Australia.”