A space offering hope



Last September I was diagnosed with a blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.

My first appointment with an oncologist took place at the cancer clinic at Bendigo Hospital. I remember entering the building for this appointment feeling as if I were in a bad dream.

Treatment for this chronic disease began also at this hospital in the Oncology ward.

After some time I began to be comfortable here and welcomed the routine of treatment that meant I could walk without using a walking stick and be without pain.

Exercise physiology was another form of treatment that gave me confidence in my body once again.

Now 8 months later the myeloma is gone, hopefully for years.

I wanted to celebrate this building that holds many people within its walls, all with their own hopes and fears.

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

4 thoughts on “A space offering hope

  1. All medical staff are amazing, but the people who work in oncology are extra special. ❤️
    Congratulations on getting a good report and wishing you continued health. 🤗


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