JOI and the King! (Cosmic Poetry)

A moving precis of Jupiter being visited

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter- dedicated to Nick

juno_160701 courtesy of Nasa

And so I once wrote

“.. as treble clef prisms spilled out of the chakra of my third eye, the hand of the unseen conductor waved them onward into the vibrating strings of a solar wind and I cried out, “Yes!  The whole cosmos is a grand opus!  Let those who have ears, hear!…”*

jupiter and venus a Jupiter and his moons above the roof with Venus below

I am so incredibly moved and awed by this wonderful science fiction in our time!!

Juno Orbit Insertion -July 4, 2016

PIA14413_hires Jupiter, Juno and Galileo aboard the spaceship

From the moment in 1610  when Galileo (with his home made telescope) first realized that there were bodies orbiting this “wandering star,” our whole belief system was to be forever changed. Galileo was threatened with excommunication from the church and died a heart-broken man. He is vindicated. Tiny Lego figurines of Galileo, Juno and Jupiter ride this…

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