Close up lens set

Close up lens set


Have you ever tried a close up lens set on your camera?

I have one set for an older lens and thought I would try a set for my 52 mm lens on my Nikon.

Last week while in Melbourne I bought a set made by Hoya that consisted of +1,+2,+4 magnifying lens filters. These three can be used separately or screwed together to form a strong magnifying effect for your camera lens. At just under $80 per set they are a cheap alternative to buying a new macro lens.

Today I tried the set for the first time and am really pleased at the result plus I did not have to manually focus my lens on the Nikon like I always have to do with my older Sigma lens on my Pentax.

I experimented with various depths of field, with the image below shot at f5.6.

If you want more of the image in focus, try shooting at f11 or f16, but you may need either a tripod for slower shutter speed or extra light source such as a flash or reflector.

Below is one image from todays shoot.


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