Children’s book review, ‘A Bus called Heaven’ by Bob Graham.

‘A Bus called heaven’ by Bob Graham, Walker books 2011, ISBN:978 1 4063 3419 7, RRP $27.95 Hb..
With current discussions going on in literary (and otherinterested) circles about whether the electronic readers will eventually leadto the demise of books, it is a welcome relief that this latest book from wellknown children’s author/illustrator Graham proves to be such a strong contenderfor the picture story book format.
With the sturdy hard cover format for little hands andtactile feel to the front cover, this book simply draws the reader into it. Choc-fullof Graham’s distinctive drawings and attention to detail this story about a buscalled Heaven that is abandoned infront of Stella’s home and what its appearance means to a suburbanneighbourhood is one to treasure.
Two of my favourite illustrations were firstly the diptych whereStella’s mum greets the local graffiti artists one night and gives them thelegitimate job of painting the old bus and the other where …the Fingles showed their holiday pictures toa captivated audience of sleepers!
The positive effect the bus has had on the people in theneighbourhood is put to the test when the local authority tows the bus away tothe scrap yard. Will Heaven bedestroyed or will the people rise up to save it?
Another great book to add to a child’s collection and justin time for the giving season (or any time really.)
Highly recommended.

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