Blogging Tips and Tricks by Sharon Greenaway

October Writers Explore – Sharon Greenaway
10th October 2011
The lives of 16 people will be even busier after attendinglast night’s BWC meeting as they beginto blog or revitalize their  existing skills in blogging. 
Many weresceptical about its usefulness but Sharon was convincing in her argument towriters that if you want people to read your work  regular blogging is an advantage, it presentsyou and your style of writing to the public – but only to those who read it.Therefore not only is it necessary towrite on your blog, since it is chronological you should write regularly, for example, 2-4weekly but you must also alert peopleto the fact that you have a blog.
But I am ahead of myself. What is a blog? How do you set oneup?  Among other things these questionswere answered while Sharon discussed and facilitated blog writing exercises.
Briefly, a blog is a network of communicating thoughts,happenings, news, facts, anything you choose, for either professional or socialpurposes on your own individual blogspot. It can be linked to a website and/or“advertised” through Facebook, Twitter, business cards, email etc.
Your free blogsite can be set up through, an offshoot of google.Sharon suggests that a blog should be about 100-700 words and that any picturesattached ought to be converted to small pixels, say 500×500.
Your blog will be protected by a password with strongrecommendation to remember it, retrieval is very time consuming.

Overall, I found the evening well worth the effort to attend, it was very informative and wasfacilitated at a comfortable pace.
Thank you Sharon & BWC.

         Christine Haddrick. [1]
Christine’s Details: “Respectfully Yours”
 Celebrant Services
 Melbourne Metro and Country
 Christine Haddrick 0408731821
An email from another member on the night:
Hi Sharon,

> Thank you for being our Writers Explore speaker. I know a lot of those
> that
> attended are keen after hearing from you, to start up their own blog
> [including myself] and I know of one that has already done so. She
> likened
> it to giving birth to a baby! Although I hope mine to be less
> excruitiating
> to initiate I hope I get the same sense of joy from the living product.
> Sorry that it may have taken a while for this message and the photo to
> come
> through – I thought I’d send the uncompressed file so that you have more
> scope to manipulate it as you would like. It is a lovely photo of you.
> All the best with everything Sharon and thanks again for the inspiration.
> Kylie

Kylie Hendy.

[1]Used with permission, first published in the Bendigo Writers Council Muse NewsNovember 2011.

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