Santas in Rosalind Park…

If you happen to be passing the Rotunda in Rosalind Park this morning at 11 and see a sea ofred and white, there is no need to rub your eyes, as this sight is not afigment of your imagination.
It is a promotion for theforthcoming Variety Santa Fun Run in Bendigo which willcoincide with the lighting of the Bendigo Christmas tree on Friday 2ndDecember in Rosalind Park.
Variety is an organisation that “…gives more thana million dollars worth of goods and services a month to Australian children withspecial needs.”[1]
The fun run or walk or wheelchair or hop will be 3kilometres long and participants will need to be dressed up in their Santarefinery to join in.
“Thousands of would be Santas will be running forVariety across the country during December and we are so excited that Bendigogets to have its own run” said Anne Henshall, Chairperson of Variety Bendigoand Board Member for Variety Victoria.
“Variety continues to provide thousands of dollarsworth of equipment and support to children in our region and I’m sure there areplenty of people out there who will want to join in the fun of getting as manySantas in Rosalind Park as we can.”
The Santa suit is supplied and is includedin the affordable registration fee, so no excuses for not gettinginto the Christmas spirit on the day!
You can enter as an individual, as a family, team orwith your friends. 
Your entry includes a 5 pieceVariety one size fits most Santa Suit. Children under 5 receive a Santa Hat.  Google Variety Santa Fund Run Bendigo to linkto our registration page.
  (pic supplied)

Accessed 18th October 2011.

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