Latest news from the council may be of interest to those in the city affected by last years floods.

The City of Greater Bendigo has undertaken two important projects along the Bendigo Creek to repair damage caused by major flooding in late 2010 and earlier this year.
City of Greater Bendigo Director of Presentation and Assets Darren Fuzzard said 32 sections of the Bendigo Creek’s floor between Charing Cross and Maple Street Golden Square were damaged as a result of the storms.
“The work has involved the removal of debris and the excavation and replacement of damaged concrete on the creek floor and channel.
“The $126,000 repair work commenced in mid May and was completed in late June,” said Mr Fuzzard.
He said the City has also undertaken a $15,000 project to repair damage to the Bendigo Creek’s historic bluestone section between Rosalind Park and the rear of the RSL.
“A number of bluestone blocks were dislodged in the floods and the creek bed was damaged as a result.
“This project involved the recovery and relaying of the bluestones and repairs to the creek bed.
“While we have undertaken these repairs we will need to secure significant funding from other sources to continue to repair and restore the Bendigo Creek,” said Mr Fuzzard.
He said the City is continuing to undertake a range of other infrastructure works to repair damage resulting from the floods.

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