Vampyre by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Andrew Yeo. Book Review.

Vampyre by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Andrew Yeo $29.95 ISBN  9781921529221
Hardback, 32 pages Age: 8+ Category: Picture Book
Below is the information received from Walker Books about the latest story from well known author Margaret Wild.
“I am Vampyre. Feared. Despised. I sleep in darkness. I long for light.
From the dark depths of his vampyre world, a vampyre boy reflects on the joyous days of
his childhood and his current life as a vampyre. Thought-provoking and atmospheric,
Vampyre is a monumental picture book about identity, making choices and being true to
oneself from award-winning author, Margaret Wild, with breathtaking illustrations by new
illustrator, Andrew Yeo.
Margaret Wild is one of Australia’s most highly regarded and awarded children’s book
authors. Some of her works include There’s a Sea In My Bedroom, The Very Best of
Friends, Old Pig, The Midnight Gang, Nighty Night!, Fox and Woolvs in the Sitee.
Margaret has two titles in the Walker Classics series: Going Home and A Bit of Company,
both illustrated by Wayne Harris.
Andrew Yeo is a talented new illustrator from Sydney, Australia. Vampyre is his first
picture book.”
This poignant story is about a young (teen?) Vampyre who is struggling with his soon-to-be-role as a fully fledged member of the world of adult vampires- meaning he will need to kill to survive. The young vampire is struggling with these changes as it means he will no longer have the fun and carefree lifestyle he has had as a child where all the animals and birds in the forest trusted him.
When he finally escapes his family and flees to the sun, risking his own death in the process, the reader is left with the question of whether he will survive in the forest without killing his animal friends, (my impression was he has chosen to die in a place he loves rather than live a life that he would hate) or somehow he will be able to live blood free.
This hauntingly illustrated book is I feel unsuitable for the dedicated age of 8 +, being more suitable for older readers who will have the maturity and interest in questioning the motives of the main character, as there really isn’t enough action to sustain a younger reader.
An unusual book that I feel will have a limited audience despite the reputation of the author.

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