Colour is Life 2015


In September 2014 I met Noemi Cummings from LCMS so that we could discuss my project.

The project would involve local people who had come from other countries and had chosen the Loddon Campaspe area to call home.

I wanted to create photographic portraits of these people that celebrated their new home and at the same time remembered and celebrated their diverse and colourful ethnic heritage.

To tie the people in with the region a central venue to create the images was needed.

We decided the sumptuous Bendigo Town Hall, where citizenship ceremonies are conducted, fitted the bill nicely.

To exhibit the images an equally public and central venue was needed and the Goldfield’s Library (Bendigo branch) seemed a logical choice. Noemi was able to secure both venues and then proceeded to organise the people and times for the photo shoot.

Over two days a total of seventeen people from sixteen differing cultures participated in this exhibition.

Each person happily contributed their time and energy to dress for the Photo Shoot. The results were colourful and enchanting outfits that highlighted the richness of each individual’s culture.

I selected to use a small part of the backdrop of the town hall as I wanted the people to be the main focus of each photograph.

I found the whole experience to be enlightening and one that has made me more aware of regions overseas that previously for me have only been a word or name, but now are the former homes of people who we may meet and talk with every day.

For without colour there is no life.

I hope you enjoy Colour is Life.


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