Want to write for children?

Here are some contacts which you may find helpful: WHAT IS PASS IT ON?A weekly email newsletter that keeps you informed of what is happening in the children’s writing world, mainly in Australia.You can get more information or view past issues at: http://www.jackiehosking.com/ WHAT IS BUZZ WORDS?Similarly you can get information from another fortnightly eContinue reading “Want to write for children?”

Australian writing web sites.

http://www.aussieauthors.com/A site for Australian writers. http://www.dvc.vic.gov.au/Web15/rwn/rwpgslib.nsf/GraphicFiles/0307-05MarchNetwork2007/$file/0307-05MarchNetwork2007.pdf You might like to look at this magazine. It is geared toward women living in rural areas, but even if you were not I think you might get a lot out of it.It is published by the Victorian government and is delivered to your home for free.Enjoy!

How I Got the Gig

In this new book from Nasus publishing, I am one of several authors who have shared their tips on how they have got work from writing. To order copies of this book or for more information, see the website:http://www.writerprofits.com/Or you can order a DVD version at:http://sharong1.nasus.hop.clickbank.net/ Check out this review of the book http://reviews.armchairinterviews.com/reviews/writers-profits

Books published

My second book about Australian animals, The Amazing Echidna, was published on the web last month. My first e-book with Learning Island was about the kangaroo. You can check this out at the same e-address. Check out http://www.learningisland.org/ Kath and Rob learn how to make their own puppets in time to put on a puppetContinue reading “Books published”

Bendigo Magazine…my favorite stories with the mag.

Check out the web site: http://www.bendigomagazine.com/ Summer 2007/2008 -Feature: ‘a lifetime of memories’; interviews with several long time residents of Bendigo, Victoria on how they see their home town…as living memories of the place they know so well they are a unique source of information. Spring 2007. -‘My car’, an interview with a local carContinue reading “Bendigo Magazine…my favorite stories with the mag.”