Tourist in your own home town

This morning Bill and I travelled by bus into Bendigo in order to be a little touristy in our own town.

We were dropped off across the road from the Courthouse which meant our planned visit to some gardens was made very easy.

We wandered through the gorgeous gardens we have in town including the tulip_surrounded_Conservatory gardens, the Fernery and the Chinese Gardens.

(What an inspiration for the 3AMPs forthcoming exhibition GOLDEN LANDSCAPE.)

A walk through Rosalind Park and up towards the back of the art gallery led us to the Capital where there is a great exhibition on at the moment.

Coffee and cake were in order after this while we waited for our bus home and Bath Lane was our choice. We went to the Green Olive where the coffee and mocha were great as was my carrot cake however the choice of only one Gluten Free cake was disappointing particularly when it was very bland.

We had a pleasant time doing something we seldom do – being a tourist in our home town.

BTW who knew of this plaque? And where is it?

Published by sharongreenaway

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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