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Tasmania Autumn 2013


Tasmania Autumn 2013
(C) 2013 Sharon Greenaway…

It has been twenty eight years since Bill and I visited Tasmania. Then it was to celebrate our marriage in the form of our honeymoon and meant we whizzed around the Apple Isle in a mere ten days.

This time we are determined to take our time and see as much of where we are at each point in our journey as possible, rather than a little bit of everything.
If we don’t get to the amazing Cradle Mountain then we are not too concerned because it means we have really stopped to enjoy more of this beautiful state.

In saying that, we have dug out our imagery from that time, saved ‘archivally’ in the form of slides, and scanned what we found into a digital format. These images we will use as a basis in order to try to re-photograph any of the places where we did visit.

Day Five now…

Our journey commenced with an evening, very rough, crossing of the strait on board the Spirit of Tasmania 11.

We have stayed for two nights at the quiet seaside town of Stanley, where we discovered such places as a magical forest; the birthplace of Tasmania’s only Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons; and the haunting ghosts of convicts in a ruin where a majestic homestead still stands.

Journeying on to Launceston we visited another cool rainforest area where a mammoth eucalypt along with its family, lives peacefully ( hopefully for ever) near the stunning Dip Falls.

So looking forward to exploring more…

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