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Bendarts supports Bendigo Homeless Youth

Yesterday the Bendarts Pub Night was held on an afternoon.

The Facebook group meets semi regularly for a social catch up and met between 3pm & 6pm at the Golden Vine Hotel yesterday in order to support the Bendigo for Homeless Youth fundraising event.
Along with an enthusiastic crowd of music lovers, members listened to a good selection of performing artists perform live at the local pub.
Entry to the event was a mere gold coin donation and meant a great social afternoon was had by all.
As the arts group was started on line by the incredibly enthusiastic Hugh Waller, members often only know each other via this social platform, so an opportunity to be able to listen to live music and be able to meet up and talk (albeit with a loud voice) with other members of our group was a tremendous opportunity.
It seemed only appropriate that we do this while supporting a worthwhile cause.

As well as the support of the Golden Vine hotel,
BENDIGO for Homeless Youth is sponsored by Bendigo Bank, Bendigo Community Telco and 91.9 STAR FM.
For more information about Bendarts go to:

or look it up on Facebook.

For more information about Bendigo for Homeless Youth go to:


(c)2012 Sharon Greenaway.



(c)2012 Sharon Greenaway.


2 comments on “Bendarts supports Bendigo Homeless Youth

  1. Mary
    August 20, 2012

    Nice to chat with you yesterday Sharon. Regards, Mary

    • sharongreenaway
      August 20, 2012

      Yes you too.
      It was good to be able to relax with everyone and really start to know people.

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