Colin Hay at Theatre Royal in Castlemaine

My family and I had the pleasure of seeing and listening to a great international performer at this small country theatre in Central Victoria last night.

Colin gave a full 2 hour performance that consisted of a mix of story telling from his life as an entertainer as well as a fabulous rendition of old (some from his former band Men at Work but not all) and new songs. I was particularly moved with his reasoning for and rendition of the song about his father.

Hay’s technique with the four guitars that he alternatively used during the night was really a great sight to behold.

The venue itself left a bit to be desired, with the evening dinner show starting an hour later than was advertised. The meal when it came, a two course meal that included a hot soup (or pizza) on a warm summer night and a main that was tender but not the best for the $30.00 price tag.

Staff were pleasant.

The venue also had a lot of noise going on that seeped into the performance, some was filtering through from the other people who were attending the bar/restaurant in another part of the theatre, but a lot came from the kitchen as dishes were washed/ stacked etc. True to his professionalism Colin Hay continued on as if there was nothing but his performance to be enjoyed but as an onlooker I was dismayed and as I was leaving I noticed a well known media critic saying a few words about the noise to the doorman.

Anyway it was a lovely way to spend time with my family that consists of husband and two adult children, a rare treat nowadays. 

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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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