CWA (Axedale Branch).

CWA (Axedale Branch).
When I think of the CWA (Country Women’s Association of Australia) immediately images of gorgeous hand crafted garments displayed at agricultural shows comes to mind.
When I recently asked CWA Axedale Secretary Ann Kerr to give me some information on the group that she belongs to I was surprised at the extent and range of the community involvement of this local branch of the organisation.
‘Axedale CWA is a relatively new branch – began August 2007,’ explained Ann. ‘We currently have 10 members…[and] hold 11 meetings per year, four business meetings and seven social gatherings. We currently hold our meetings at the Axedale Tavern and stay on for dinner. We encourage new members to come and join us!
‘Our group is strongly committed to supporting our local community. For example, we have created a ‘Community Youth Award’ worth $500 which is given to the recipient at the annual Australia Day breakfast.’
This award is funded through a ‘community trading table which allows locals to trade excess fruit and vegetables.’
The CWA (Axedale branch) next trading table will be held on Saturday May 21st at the Axedale Hall (High Street) from 10am until 2pm.
As well other goods such as plants, books, and craft are also traded or sold. The branch encourages people to come and support them.
‘[As well as the youth award] we have provided aid and support to neighbouring victims of fire and flood over the past years,’ added Ann. ‘Some of our members are also involved in a local quilting group and have made numerous quilts to donate to these people.
‘Obviously we need to raise funds for…our projects. We ran a Mother’s Day competition and we are about to do an SPC fruit drive.
‘We also organize social activities, such as garden tours and pottery making, and invite guests to enjoy these experiences with us, thus promoting the fellowship of women.’
Contact Axedale CWA Secretary Ann Kerr for more information: On 54 397 367 or 0439 397 396.

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