Gluten Free Ham Roll-brekky idea or sunday night tea

Gluten Free Ham Roll – A different brekkie or Sunday night tea idea.

Preheat your oven to a hot temp of around 220 C or so (the same temperature that you would cook your scones in.)

Making a basic scone dough:

Sift together into a large bowl:
2 ½ cups of SR gluten free flour, a tblspn of Xanthan Gum (can be found at the local supermarket in the gluten free/ health food area) and a pinch of salt.

Add a pinch of pepper or any herb that you may fancy such as oregano or basil and mix through with a fork.

Mix through 3 -4 tblspns of olive oil (instead of rubbing butter through) and then mix to a firm, semi-moist dough with enough milk – you will need probably at least a cup of milk, but just add a little at a time until you get the right consistency, using a knife to mix this through is easier than a spoon. (Gluten free flour requires a lot more moisture than wheat flour).

Roll out onto lightly gluten free floured board or better still a sheet of baking paper, into a rough rectangle shape, to about 2 cm thick.

Brush tomato sauce all over,sprinkle 1/2 cup or less of grated cheese evenly over, sprinkle roughly chopped ham or your favourite pizza type meat over, but do not make the layer too thick, in this recipe less is better than more.

Roll up like a Swiss roll; you might find it easier if you are using the baking paper to lift this to start the rolling. Roll slowly and tuck in food if it should escape the sides.

Slice into 2.5 cm thick rings and place onto baking paper, allowing about a finger width between each one.

Bake for 20 – 30 minutes or until the base is golden.

Serve with your favourite tomato sauce or chutney or serve it with a homemade gluten free vegie soup.

Serves four.
Note: don’t forget to ask at your deli which ham is Gluten Free as many are not!

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