A Wax Museum for Bendigo???

Aka. The Value of the English language…or what not to write!

You have probably heard of the explanation of how people view and interpret their world is tempered with what and how much baggage they bring with them (i.e. what life experience they have at any point in their life.) Well many years ago when I went to London I was eager to see Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and was not disappointed with the surreal life like people that ‘lived’ within its walls.

So on Saturday morning when I was sitting in bed reading the classifieds in the local paper and saw an advertisement for ‘Wax Gallery now hiring’, I was immediately interested. I thought ‘wow a new tourist attraction for Bendigo, I wouldn’t mind putting my hand up for that as a guide,’ and so on I read. However upon realising my mistake and thoughts of performing a Brazillian XXX (whatever that is!) clouding my mind, I quickly turned the pages to the ‘For Sale’ section. Skid Based chemical toilets got me shuddering, while a garage sale advertisement that included a ‘Baby also outgrown sturdy cot, change table and stroller’ sent my imagination reeling!

The written word is an incredibly important way that we interpret our world and needs to be carefully considered before leaving the safety of our notebooks and sailing across the web or into the local classifieds, thus allowing others into our thoughts. Perhaps upon reading this you will think that I am one strange puppy, or you may be nodding your head in agreement and can immediately recall other similar misunderstandings. Either way we need to be careful that when our words are read by others, people really understand what we mean.

BTW if you want to see the Madame Tussauds web site here is the link to the venue that I enjoyed:

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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography), Latrobe University.

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